Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2012

October Updates

The freshest release this month is the Lacey Tank.  It was part of my Panty Raid Hunt gift and I liked it so much that I decided to add it to the shop.
You can grab it in 4 different colours or the fatpack.

A bit earlier this month a new shape release took place, including T.O.O.F.s first male shape.

We're also participating in 2 Hunts this month.
The Torch Jack-O Lantern Hunt already started October 1st and is slowly coming to an end, but there's still enough time to grab your gift until October 31st.

Check the blog for SLURLS and Hints here.

Only a few days ago, October 20th, started the Dia De Muertos Hunt that's running until November 20th.

Check the blog for SLURLS and Hints here.


Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

T.O.O.F. Updates - NEW RELEASE

The Shapes that I'm working on still need some minor tweaking til I'm fully satisfied with them but I have a new release for you anyway.
Have a looksee at the Ladybug Cropped Sweaters   --Taxi--

They come in 4 colours and a Fatpack of all 4 colours of course and are available for the PROMO PRICE of 25L/colour and 75L/Fatpack for 1 week ONLY (until October 2nd).
After that it's up to normal, so don't miss that chance.

I hope you like!


Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

The NEW Panty Raid Hunt

I'm exicted to tell you that we're part of the NEW Panty Raid Hunt.
Originally dubbed only Panty Raid Hunt, this cute and fun themed hunt almost didn't happen at all since the organizer apparently abandoned it.
But one awesome person by the name of Saucey Sinister stepped up and reorganized the whole thing and I'm thrilled to be part of it! Saucey did such an amazing job in such a short amout of time, thank you so so much!!

Until September 30th, you're looking for this bunch of panties, starting here:

I don't think my hunt gift is hard to find, you might just wanna go upstairs and sit down for a little while ;o)

Please check out the blog for SLURLS to all the other participating stores:

Happy Hunting y'all
and oh...here's a pic of my giftie for you guys :o)


Sonntag, 9. September 2012

T.O.O.F. Updates - NEW RELEASE & NEW LuckyBoard

A bit later than I intended, I present you now the T.O.O.F. Sidewinder Tops.
Perfect for those last nice and warm summer days, it comes in 4 fun and bright colours and the 4 matching pastel colours.

I also added a brownish-rusty colour of the Top to the rotation of the LuckyBoard.

I Hope you like! :o)

Samstag, 11. August 2012

T.O.O.F. Updates August, 11th

Great news! T.O.O.F. has moved!
This has happened for several reasons, not all of them pretty ones...but it's still overall a fabulous thing. At least my little self is totally excited weeeeee :oD
Stop by and discover the new place...here's your SLURL:

There's also a shape release today.
Please meet Abby.

She has nice curves, a pretty face and lucious lips, a bit taller than i initially intended but it suits her very well.
Shape-Section in the new place is upstairs, so that's where you'll find her for a demo.


Dienstag, 17. Juli 2012


New Jeans, pretty colours, sculpted cuffs.

And as a bonus, grab the rainbow coloured Mietmo Jeans for 1L instore. Enjoy!